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At Bull Security we take pride in securing our community, with a zero tolerance on crime and criminals we will ensure that our community comes back to the ages where our children can enjoy they’re surroundings and live and play in and around what mother nature has to offer

Yap Yap Mobile Application

YAP YAP is a cutting edge mobile security application that turns your mobile device into your personal home alarm management system

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Bull Security’s fleet of clearly marked vehicles are manned by our officers, who are all dedicated to protecting the lives and assets of our clients. By strategic placement of vehicles, reaction times are minimized. All Bull Security reaction officers are registered members of the Security Officers Board and trained to well above prescribed standards.



Bull Security is proud to work with @ER24 as our medical service provider. With direct contact to their ambulances and vehicles medical assistance is seconds away.


The heart of Bull Security is the central station (control center) which is equipped with modern computerized monitoring equipment. Operating around the clock, control personnel monitor hundreds of calls every day under supervision of Senior Watch Commanders. As each call comes in, it is electronically logged and the appropriate action taken.


Bull Security hi risk asset escorts armed assets escort professionals for transportation of your valuable assests private and business.

We are proud to announce that we got first place in the Beeld readers choice for 2018. Nominated for the best security company out of four provinces. In 2015 we received second place in the same category. Very humbled to receive the first place this year. Here is French Jooste our Operations Manager receiving the certificate from Carene Labuschagne from @BeeldSA2018 thank you to the readers and all our most valued clients for the ongoing support. At Bull Security it’s all about community.

Ensure the best possible secure environment. Bull Security won second place for the best Security Company out of 4 provinces @Beeld SA 2015

6 hours ago

Bull Security

#Success... For the past few days our clients copper house numbers and copper plates in Elardus Park disappeared from the outside walls. After a tipp off from a client today we managed to catch the suspect in the act. Well done team and thank you to the client that informed us. Suspect handed over to Lyttelton SAPS. ...

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2 weeks ago

Bull Security

We are very proud to be part of this amazing initiative. A big shout out to our Anti poaching unit that is on standby 24 hours a day to assist ElephantsRhinosPeople and the staff of Rietvlei Nature Reserve. At Bull Security it's all about community!

Elephants, Rhinos & People
Today’s post goes out to the dedicated team at Bull Security. Bull Security have partnered with ERP in securing the rhino population of the Rietvlei Nature Reserve and they continue to provide an exceptional service where nothing is ever too much for their team. They provided security support at the most recent dehorning campaign to ensure that our dehorning team and the rhinos remained safe throughout the process and they were also instrumental in fighting recent fires in the reserve. We truly value their support and commitment to conservation.

Bull Security provides these services at no cost to ERP or the reserve, and they have provided hundreds of armed response and patrol time to the project to date. This is a very good example of a private sector company stepping up and giving back to conservation and their community as a whole.

Join us in watching a video on how Bull Security adds value to our programme.

At #ERP, the life of every elephant and rhino matters. erp.ngo

#ERPredux #PovertyAlleviationThroughConservation #Africa #Nature #Conservation #ProtectingWildlife #AfricanWildlife #ElephantsRhinosPeople #WorthMoreAlive #Elephants #Rhinos #StopPoaching #BullSecurity #ProtectRhinos

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