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Yap Yap Mobile Application

YAP YAP is a cutting edge mobile security application that turns your mobile device into your personal home alarm management system

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Bull Security

Bull Security, based in the Eastern suburbs of Pretoria, is a unique position to offer its clients the fastest armed reaction in any type of household or business emergency. The Management of Bull Security have concentrated the activities of the company in the Eastern suburbs of Pretoria area only. By focusing on the Eastern suburbs of Pretoria area only, Bull’s highly trained armed reaction/medical assistance units are never more than a few minutes away.

  • Gain peace of mind knowing your business is protected by a comprehensive, integrated security service solution.
  • Ensure your business is covered by state-of-the-art security measures that will protect you against loss.
  • Gain an on-site security presence that will help deter incidents before they happen.


Monitoring Service

The heart of Bull Security is the central station (control center) which is equipped with modern computerized monitoring equipment. Operating around the clock, control personnel monitor hundreds of calls every day under supervision of Senior Watch Commanders. As each call comes in, it is electronically logged and the appropriate action taken.


Armed Reaction Service

Bull Security’s fleet of clearly marked vehicles are manned by our officers, who are all dedicated to protecting the lives and assets of our clients. By strategic placement of vehicles, reaction times are minimized. All Bull Security reaction officers are registered members of the Security Officers Board and trained to well above prescribed standards.


Medical Assistance

Bull Security is proud to work with @ER24 as our medical service provider. With direct contact to their ambulances and vehicles medical assistance is seconds away.

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